The basics

                 Real Relationships + Personal Accountability + Guaranteed Results

At KPT you will have a real relationship with someone who cares about you. We design your program – training and nutrition.  We track your progress, hold you accountable, and guarantee your results! All you have to do is walk through the door! 


Your First Session

The first day is the most important – because that’s the day you take a hold your life!  On your first day, we sit down and get to know you.  It’s about you.  After listening, we design your program and get you moving in the right direction.  Your very first session you will feel the amazing feeling of knowing you are going to become the person you want to become!

Day by day

The best relationships are the ones that support you and hold you accountable.  When you need support, you’ll get support. When you need accountability, you will be held accountable. We will be monitoring your nutrition and adjusting your training.  Before you know it, friends and family will start taking notice of the new you!

a training lifestyle 

Eventually, health and fitness will be who you are. Then we let you fly on your own.  Most PT programs are designed to keep you dependent and generating revenue.  Not us – we want what’s best for you. Some of our clients stay with us because of the powerful, caring relationship we have established. Others check in every 6 weeks. Whatever is best for you!